Minot Commission on Aging Senior Citizen Assistance Programs
 Minot Commission on AgingSenior Citizen Assistance Programs 

Senior Services provided

  • Congregate Meals
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Footcare Services
  • In Home Services (Prairie Rose Home Service)
  • Senior Careline
  • SHIC Counselors (medicare part D)




Mondays from 12:15 to 2:30pm


Tuesdays, and Thursdays beginning at 9:30am

Chair Yoga:  Monday 9:00am and Friday 9:30am




Subject to Change. Call  Merrie at (701)852-0561 for questions.



Foot Care Clinics

Foot Care services are available by appointment only. Please call the number listed below to make an appointment in your area. For general program information, please call the Minot Commission on Aging at 852-0561.


Bottineau County


Bottineau- (701)228-3101

Lansford- (701)756-6383

Newburg- (701)228-3101

Westhope- (701)228-3101

Willow City- (701)228-3101

Burke County

Stacie Schoemer- (701)377-2316

McHenry County

Upham- (701)537-5732

Granville- (701)537-5732

Anamoose/Drake- (701)537-5732

Towner- (701)537-5732

Velva- (701)537-5732

Deering- (701)852-0561


Renville County

Glenburn- (701)756-6383

Mohall- (701)756-6383

Sherwood- (701)756-6383

Tolley- (701)756-6383

Ward County

Burlington- (701)852-1376

Kenmare- (701)385-4551

Carpio- (701)852-1376

Sawyer- (701)624-5256

Minot- (701)852-0561

Surrey- (701)839-8702

Berthold- (701)852-1376

Douglas- (701)463-2641

Ryder- (701)463-2641


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